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Biosil’s technology encompasses the manufacturing processes of Dipping, Injection Moulding, Press Moulding, Extrusion, Calendering and Custom Fabrication of any type of silicone material, in registered and fully certified facilities throughout the UK.


With such high-quality and comprehensive manufacturing capability, Biosil is proud to have successfully worked in partnership spread over many years with a variety of strong medical companies meeting individual and precise requirements to produce own-brand silicone implants and medical devices.


The collective knowledge and strengths that the entire Biosil team has gained, and continues to develop, from designing and manufacturing silicone implants and medical devices that cover all aspects of surgical and anaesthesia disciplines, is rapidly translated into the highest quality of thinking and attention to detail as new products are initiated and progressed.


Biosil’s track record of innovative design, product development and manufacturing of the highest quality silicone implants and associated medical devices is in particular, perfectly highlighted by their long association with Nagor Ltd, Europe’s premier supplier of silicone implants and other medical devices.  Nagor’s primary focus is to the discipline of Plastic Surgery but includes products within their portfolio that are also related to Urology, General Surgery and Scar Management. www.nagor.com


However, Biosil’s manufacturing capabilities are extensive in both scope and depth and also include silicone devices for Anaesthesia (tooth gags and bite guards), Spinal surgery (silicone core components within Cervical Disc) and Scar Management (Gel Sheet).


Biosil’s commitment to providing the highest quality long and short-term implantable silicone implants, as well as a wide variety of non-implantable medical devices and components, is demonstrated by ongoing research and development with investment in the most modern manufacturing processes supported with the most demanding of quality management systems.